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Adieu Thriller - A Lament

(Ein Lehrstück, geeignet für den Englischunterricht der siebten und achten Jahrgangsstufe der gymnasialen Oberschule.)
A stage, to the left the gloomy and frightening silhouette of a ghost ship, to the right a beautiful castle on a hill, shining like a bergkristall. In the center a big boss chair, it's huge backrest turned to the public, behind the chair, a table with a speaker connected phone and another chair. A woman with wild blond locks in a "big hair" style enters the stage, her walk is as lascivious as energetic. She takes place at the table and picks up the ringing phone.
She: Charlie?
He (nearly invisible to the public in his chair): I'd guessed you went alone. Now I heard the
man in the high castle decided to follow you.
- Yes Charlie, Des Esseintes, had to follow me, he simply pushed himself too hard.
- Didn't he do that for quite a while now?
- Well, you could even say he performed it.
- So was he Pop, as some say?
- He was driven.
- By what?
- By this old, rotten Captain, he called him "Mankind".
(Voices from the off.)
* Hook: And now, Peter Pan, you shall die.
* Peter Pan: To die would be an awfully big adventure.
He: Pan - the god of fear. What made him turn into greek mythology?
She: I guess it was fear itself. But maybe it was just a byproduct.
- You mean there was something else? Stronger? Was it love?
- Yes, I guess it was the sad attempt to rescue a love lost.
(Voices from the off again.)
* Peter Pan: What? That's just my medicine,
* [Narrator: Tinkerbell protests]
* Peter Pan: poison? Nonsense, who could've poisoned it? I promised Wendy I'd take that* medicine and I'm going to just as soon as I sharpen my dagger.
* [Narrator: Tinkerbell drinks the medicine]
* Peter Pan: Tink! You drunk my medicine!
* [Narrator: Tinkerbell flies about slowly and grows dim]
* Peter Pan: What's the matter with you? It was poison, wasn't it? Tink? Your voice is so low
* now I can hardly hear you. What's that? You believe that you could get well
* again... if
children believed in fairies.
He: Who died there?
She: Charlie, what's wrong with you? Innocence died, you have to fight the father, you remain
silent, very silent about the mother but...
- Aehm, you're confusing me. I guess we have to come clear about this: Was he Oedipus or Pan?
- You decide.
- Well then: Some say he became a monster.
- Like Oedipus? - Innocent and ambitious? Or more like Pan, who had to be a monster,
swallowing those who couldn't stand the stories the Captain had to tell.
- What was that Captains name again? Something with "Hook"?
- Sky Saxon was his name.
- They say he only came in the midnight hour.
- And all who died scared in the noontime rose up to follow him. Night after night. Terrible
creatures. Blood. Infinite Badness.
- Stop this! It's a twisted story, Pan and the Captain as partners in crime.
- Each medal has two sides. Always remember what the P. Kid said.
- What "P. Kid"? "P." for Pan?
- Well, accitentially maybe. A german guy.
- Ah, I remember! The guy he visited not so long ago, while trying to get his feet on the ground of everday life.
- No, not that guy. A german philosopher.
- Oh, a philosopher... So what did he say?
- Something about the education of the soul.
- Des Esseintes as an instructor?
- No, he failed, he never was. He himself still wanted to learn, but the only teacher got shot by
his father. He feared this would happen to him too. All night he dreamt of being Oedipus. So he
locked himself inside the castle, most of the time starring at this ship with a strange,
hypnotized gaze.
- That's dull! This can't simply be! I mean, if I get you right you adumbrate that Captain
Mankind Saxon was his father...
- That's, dear Charlie in fact, a very common constellation, just think of Skywalker.
- Of course I know this gentleman, I know his faith. A hero, a trapped soul. And Des Esseintes,
he never tried to break free?
- He did.
Darkness falls across the land.
Curtains - End

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